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What-sup guys!

Welcome to Designjunkie , a friendly website about motion graphics junks. I generally giveaway copyrights free animated elements, explore the world of motion graphics, discuss the top 10 kinds of stuff, and sometimes share tips and tricks of motion graphics animation too. It’s been a long time that I have not shared any free to use motion graphics backgrounds with you guys. So, this weekend I have decided to give away 5 full high definition animated motion graphics backgrounds. These are free to use for personal and if you want to use for any professional project, then kindly let me know about it and if possible share my channel link like other free stuff.

First one is 4k resolution animated abstract background which completely created by after effects and element 3d. Thanks to Andrew Kramer for such amazing plugins that created a revolution in the motion graphics field.

The second one is the animated cog wheel background, and again credit goes to adobe after effects and video copilot element 3d plugin.

The third one is floating social media icons created with after effects with the famous Trapcode particular plugin. This kind of background can be used for social media presence and posts.

The fourth one is a sci-fi digital space or sort of corridor that you can use for any kind of thriller or technology presentation purpose. I had used Maxon Cinema 4D and after-effects to create this space.

And the last one is lowpoly dual color generic background that can be used anywhere. I used maxon cinema 4d to create this simple low poly effect and then changed color in after effects as usual.

So guys, download them by clicking the link below, use them, and let me know if you get any benefit from them.  


If you have any questions, feel free to comment to me. Check my youtube channel , please subscribe and share. Till then… Goodbye.

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